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Pet Health Benefits

Posted by Puppy Stairs on 8/28/2015

Puppy Stairs pet steps and ramps give animals the boost they need to protect joint health and stay comfortable as they age. Our entire line of Puppy Stairs ramps and steps is designed to reduce joint problems, promote healing and support the happy, healthy bond pets have with their owners. Read on to see what we mean.

Why Dogs Stare At Their Owners

Posted by Puppy Stairs on 8/16/2015

It is pure devotion, you might think, but it is also anticipation of a tasty tidbit, or something else you have that he finds desirable. Sometimes your loyal friend is asking you to "come out and play", or to go for a jog or a car ride, all the things he loves to do with you on a regular basis. Going to the "dog park" is a special favorite, or taking that path alo