Are Dogs Sensitive to Our Emotions?

Dec 16th 2017

Are Dogs Sensitive to Our Emotions? Dogs seem to know when their human family members are happy, as their bodies respond with pure pleasure. They are highly evolved animals whose bond with humans has only deepened over thousands of years of interaction.

They have developed sensitivity to their feelings and even their needs. When the human family displays sadness a dog instinctively wants to bring comfort. This is serious devotion. His dog ramps and puppy stairs carry him to where he can be close and bring solace on the sofa.

And they sense when we are ill, their silent looks of concern letting us know that they are aware something is out of sorts. Perhaps our posture or scent is different, alerting our pets of our plight.

Fear-aggressive dogs are more inclined to be aggressive to those who dislike or fear them. No doubt scent plays a part here, as well, along with facial expressions and body language.

Most dogs are very uneasy in an environment where there is discord, making their escape to another room. They likely either slink away or run away to the safety of their pet steps and portable dog ramps and to a secure and favorite place on the sofa.

Special Assistance dogs take great pleasure in the jobs they do and have been known to experience a type of embarrassment when they make a mistake.