Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

Dec 16th 2017

Join the Puppy Stairs' customers who can't wait to tell us how much their pets love our Original foam dog steps and ramps.

We've received all kinds of letters and emails from happy Puppy Stairs customers. Plus we've received endorsements from several leading veterinarians.

The main reason is, our products are designed to help all types of pets get up on the bed and sofa to snuggle with their owners. Our many pet bed ramp and step configurations provide comfortable access for older dogs and cats, and those with medical conditions such as arthritis or post-surgery recovery.

Find out why dog owners are so pleased with the quality of our pet steps -- in their own words.

"THIS IS THE PRODUCT YOU NEED TO BUY FOR YOUR PUPS OR DOGS. I made the mistake of going to the pet store and grabbing a cheaper brand a while back. It was a piece of junk and I threw it out pretty quick. The thick, comfortable cushioning of Puppy Stairs is exactly what they need. Plus, they last forever." 
- Brian Bennett, Belmont Shore/Long Beach, CA

"They are great! We put two ramps together initially to get our girls used to using them. We have three mini dachshunds who LOVE to jump. Maki had some back issues, not yet disc disease but a sore back - so we really needed her especially not to jump. She is 10 years old and the other two are 5 and they are pretty stubborn and set in their ways - we tried the little plastic dog stairs which they never got used to but they like these ramps already!! They are really comfortable using the ramps in just a few hours (and a few treats). Thanks so much for making this product, it's a real lifesaver for us and wonderful for our dogs. The angle is just right, it's stable and it feels good for them. We are super pleased!" - Shannon

"The ramps have given us so much peace of mind, after watching them jump for so many years. It's really priceless to know that we're keeping their backs safe and keeping them healthy! The dogs have been having fun going up and down the ramps, just for fun. Our longhair likes to sleep on it too. Amazing. Looks like we will be getting more. We'll also let our dachshund meetup group know too, the more dogs that can benefit the better. Thanks again for such a terrific product." -- Mia

"We received our Puppy Ramp for our two just had back surgery...and as soon as I took it out of the box they were using it. Our girls no longer wake us up in the middle of the night to be put back in bed. The one who had surgery now can get on the couch with her sister without our help. Thank you for such a great product...we are very pleased with it and our girls thank you also. Lots of kisses from Reba & Dolly." - Peoria, Illinois

"Dear Jeanne,Your Puppy Stairs are such a wonderful product that the information regarding them should become more widespread. Most dachshund owners like myself will find your 5-piece system especially invaluable. My dachshunds, Sawyer and Abby, are just a year old and able to jump quite well yet, but I do not want them to put stress on their long backs. Therefore, I am thrilled to own your ramp system as an effort to avoid disc problems and to ease my pups' backs while they are still problem free. I am a returning customer who is so completely satisfied with the quality and functionality of your product that I want to invest in the taller ramp system to accommodate access by my two spoiled dachshunds to my somewhat high bed. Your ramp system is so good, in fact, that it should be a required purchase for all dachshund owners. I only wish I had known about your stairs when I owned my previous but now deceased dachshund Amy who did suffer from partial paralysis due to disc problems." - Sharla Coplen, Hobart, Indiana

"My recent order was received and I am a very happy customer. You were there for me and my Poodles are just as happy. I think I saw your ad in my AKC magazine and got so excited about your product because of the cute "Yorkie" advertising for you. Of course, I needed your product because as the poodles have gotten older, they need a little boost getting on the couch and the bed. I had to encourage them only twice to use the ramp. Thank you for a great product, dependable delivery and I wish you much success in the future. Guess ya'll love dogs as much as me. I have 11 (three poodles, and I breed German Shepherds). Can't wait to have puppies to see how they will enjoy the ramp." - Irby Gore, Hempstead, Texas

"My little Westie mix is so happy to use his Puppy Stairs ramp. Now he can join us on the bed without whining or waiting for one of us to lift him up. Hooray!" - Pam Foster, Eugene, Oregon

"Thank you again and again for this product; this will be my third set of steps. Puppy Stairs have helped my Cavaliers immensely and the cats also use the steps. Your products are absolutely the best and in my book there is no competition! I am sending many blessings to you both and to your four legged companions. I am adding a new Cavalier puppy come fall so he'll also be appreciative of the steps." - Stephanie J. Eldringhoff, Issaquah, Washington

"I just wanted to tell you that you have a great product. They are the perfect size, weight, and material.... so much better than a bulky wooden staircase. Our dog started to use them the minute they came out of the box! In fact, I just ordered another cube for the couch. Thanks!" - Mike Whittle, Cypress, Texas

"I was so happy to come across the article in Women's World Magazine. I have two 14 year-old Yorkies (5 lbs. each) and need something to assist for the sofa and my bed. They're both still very athletic, but I want to lessen the impact when they jump up and down. You're a godsend." - Rem, Peoria, Illinois

"Your product is the best!!! I have the five-piece set for my dachshunds and this is for my daughter as she has just adopted two 7-year-old dachshunds -- one who has had back surgery. I have also given your information to our vet. I have seen nothing better or more well designed and I had looked for quite a while." - Brian, Idaho

"I already have one set of the Puppy Stairs and have been totally satisfied with their quality so am ordering another. My Yorkie began using them after a few sessions of coaching to get on the stairs. Thank you." - Denny S.

"I came across your ad in the Dog Fancy and I am about to acquire a puppy female Yorkie this weekend and see the benefits of your products. I placed an order for the 3-cube configuration. My best friend has 2 Yorkies so I will happily refer your website to her. Thanks for coming up with a great product!" - Consy in California

"The Puppy Stairs were waiting for me when I got home. They are fantastic, easy to configure and they look great. The dog loves them and the cat thinks we got him a new climbing tower. Thanks again!" - Carol Semel

"I just have to write and tell you how pleased I am. The cubes are beautiful and work well for my poor ol' dog. The packaging was absolutely magnificent and I love the product. I will tell everybody about it. Thanks again!" - Elizabeth Green, Austin, Texas

"Thank you very much for the wedge (ramp) for my doggie. He is using it and is doing fine with it. I am so grateful that you have this product." - Arlene Avakian, Austin, Texas

"We got them! Guido is getting used to them and already using them for getting off the bed, which is more than I could hope for in less than 10 minutes of snack training. :) Thanks for making a wonderful product for both my pug and our!! I will share your product with all my friends!" - Laurie Bontrager

"Your ramp system is superior to any I have seen and/or purchased, and I want to thank you for it in the name of my canine "children. I wish I had found you sooner." - E. Monroe

We've even received letters, emails and photos from the owners of cats and bunnies. Puppy Stairs ramps and steps help all furry friends get around!

"Dear Puppy Stairs people, Just a quick note on how our 16-year-old blind cat has taken to your 'Cat Stairs.' Needless to say, he was quite confused initially. We kept carrying him to the bottom of the ramp and prompt him with gentle pushes on his butt to go up. He would do it but not without a lot of vocals on what he thought about this whole deal. I got the idea of making a kitty treat trail up the ramp and onto the bed (all our cats get Tartar Control Pounce for their teeth every night at 8:00 P.M. SHARP -- they give me hell if I am even one minute late). I made a trail and guided Rooty to the bottom of the ramp. Without any hesitation, he ate his way up the ramp and onto the bed. It took only two times and he now uses the ramp dozens of times a day. Our female cat also got the treat trail several times (you have to keep everything even just like with kids) and she also has totally adapted to the Kitty Stairs. I can't tell you how much we appreciate your product. In the last two weeks since installation, we have not had to pick up the cats in the middle of the night at all. We now get a good night's sleep and both have a snuggling kitty by our legs. Thanks again." - Ken and Beverly Boody

"Dear friends, I've been meaning to send you this picture for a while now. This is my bunny Finnegan enjoying his puppy stairs! Our bunnies love these stairs -- we actually have two sets: one for the couch, and one so they can get up into the bay window to sun themselves. These stairs are just so darn sturdy that the buns are able to go up and down them like greased lightning -- it's hard to catch them in action! Thanks again for a great product. Best," - Liz Huang

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