Dog Back Problems - Signs And How To Avoid Injuries

Dog Back Problems - Signs And How To Avoid Injuries

Dec 16th 2017

Dog Back Problems and how to Avoid Injuries

oft yet firm dog steps and ramps can help dogs avoid back injuries. If you suspect that your dog is having back problems it is very important to see your Veterinarian as soon as possible. Prompt treatment is necessary to prevent further damage if disc disease is present. The best, and most complete, resource we have found for information about disk disease is The website is dedicated to information about paralysis in Dachshunds but they state on their homepage that all breeds are welcome.


  • General indications of pain: shivering/trembling, not wanting to move, not wanting to eat, yelping, tightened tummy, nose to ground if a neck disc
  • Weakness or loss of ability to move legs: dragging nails, wobbly walking
  • Emergency situation: loss of complete leg use or bladder/bowel control such as finding urine or poop in the bedding or leaks when you pick up the dog. Rapid loss of function in a matter of hours is also an indicator of an emergency.

How to Avoid Injury

The prevention of injuries to pet's joints and backs because of the use of our ramps and stairs is our greatest quest here at Puppy Stairs. Our motivation to create a durable, high-quality product came from a personal need; our own precious little Raphael was born missing a vertebra in his neck, which resulted in a pinched spinal cord requiring Neurosurgery. We were told to never ever let him jump on and off furniture again so we created the perfect stairs and ramps just for him. The sturdy, High-density foam cushions any shock to joints and backs and while sturdy and durable they are light to move around. The neurosurgeon who performed Raphael's surgery gave us a wonderful testimonial about our product which encouraged us to share Puppy Stairs with the world.