Dog Steps: Short and Long Dog Steps

Dog Steps: Short and Long Dog Steps

Dec 16th 2017

Dog steps are veterinarian-recommended pet accessories which help your dog avoid injuries and long-term health conditions which are associated with jumping up and down from high places. With dog stairs, your pet can safely and easily ascend and descend from beds and couches, eliminating risks and promoting superior bone, muscle and joint health.

The benefits of dog steps include not only the reduction of the risk of joint, bone and spine injuries, but also improving the quality of life for pets who have already developed mobility problems. Certain dog breeds, especially smaller ones, are more prone than others to hip problems, and dog ramps are excellent preventative solutions which can help your pet avoid these types of chronic health issues. They are also ideal if your dog has been diagnosed with an illness with limits its mobility in any way, and dog stairs can also speed your pet's recovery if it has suffered a leg, hip, joint, muscle, bone or spine injury. One of the additional benefits of dog steps is that they eliminate the need for you to reach down and pick up your pet, which can be cumbersome if your pet is heavy, or if you have a physical condition which makes the strain of lifting problematic.

At, we are pleased to offer our valued customers an excellent selection of dog ramps and dog stairs, including our best-selling Economy Line as well as premium products for pet parents who love to spoil their furry friends. Our products have been featured on TV shows including The Christopher Lowell Show and Martha Stewart's Petkeeping, and are made from long-lasting high-density industrial foam designed to last your pet's lifetime.