Eye Disease in Cats and Dogs

Dec 16th 2017

Our pets are affected by some of the same diseases as their owners. We are usually quite surprised when that disease is glaucoma and takes the sight of our precious companions at such a relatively early age. More common in our feline friends, it is known in the canine world, as well. Caught in its early stages, cats can be helped with eye drops, a nutritious diet and ongoing monitoring of the condition. With limited vision, sometimes due to genetic influences, cats and dogs both benefit greatly when they are introduced to pet ramps and puppy stairs for a greater sense of freedom and security of movement.

Pets are amazingly adaptable to certain changes and conditions in their daily existence. The fear element is removed with a reassuring voice and tone of encouragement. You, as the parent and guide are capable of making this transition a positive one for you are in this together, for the better! You will observe how resilient your pet is, as he familiarizes himself with his surroundings, going from point "a" to point "b". It is only a matter of time, since his acute senses will do much of the work.

Once you have gained the confidence, so will your little friend, who is ever sensitive to your energy. It is no longer necessary to carry him around. Sooner than you think, he will have become quite comfortable on his own, not depending upon you as much, but wanting to share your space, which he can now easily do with the use of his pet ramps and puppy stairs, to be next to you on your favorite chair, or on the sofa. At bedtime, using his ramp, it is simple and safe for him to join you under the covers.

So what we have learned is that much can be accomplished with the right tools... that a dog, or cat can find his way using these tools, and that everyone shares in these rewards. Help has come in the form of puppy stairs to earn the gratitude of a devoted pet owner and her furry friend.