Leading Veterinarians Recommend Puppy Stairs

Leading Veterinarians Recommend Puppy Stairs

Dec 16th 2017

Veterinarians know that Pet Ramps & Stair products offer valuable, preventative health care tools for at-risk pets, small breed dogs and cats and important healing and rehabilitative aid for elderly, injured or sick pets. Discover why we invented Puppy Stairs pet ramps and steps.

vet.jpg"Your product offers an easy alternative for clients who have pets that cannot easily get up onto their favorite spots anymore due to arthritic or neurologic conditions. When small dogs with arthritis and neurologic conditions hyperextend and hyperflex their back and hips, they can experience increased pain short-term. In some cases, this activity can produce an exacerbation of the current medical condition. The Puppy Stairs can provide great relief for the pets and the clients. It allows these pets to live a more normal life with arthritis. I was also very impressed by how stable and well built the cubes are. You have really put a lot of thought into the production of this product. I have your information at my office and have recommended the Puppy Stairs to several clients."

Peter H. Eeg, DVM - Pet Talk WMAL am News Talk Radio

mission-150x150.jpg"Every day we hear of dogs with sore backs, intervertebral disc disease, and torn ACL's (cruciate ligaments). You can help your pet avoid these problems by using ramps to get on and off furniture."

Judy Morgan, DVM - Clayton Veterinary Associates, 820 North Delsea Drive Clayton, NJ 08312

Puppy Stairs dog steps and ramps provide relief to pets with the following conditions:

Hip problems such as arthritis, joint and spinal problems, invertebral disk disease, kneecap problems, bone wobblers syndrome, congenital bone defects, bone craniomandibular osteopathy, bone tumors, cancer, diabetes, or Cushing's Disease.

"Puppy Stairs is just what the doctor ordered to help animals with spinal injury move freely up and down from higher places." -- Rodney S. Bagley, DVM Associate Professor, Neurology and Neurosurgery College of Veterinary Medicine, Washington State University

Small dogs, elderly dogs, and cats also love using our foam dog steps and ramps.

"The Puppy Stairs modules have made a significant improvement in the quality of life for my geriatric poodle Choco. Choco's declining eyesight and hearing made him seek the additional security of being close to his 'human pack' on the sofa and the bed, yet progressive arthritis in his shoulders made the once-effortless feats of jumping up and down from both pieces of furniture stressful and painful events. Indeed, he was being lifted up and down as much as possible. Puppy Stairs was the answer! Choco quickly learned to use the stairs. The mobility benefits in moving vertically have been obvious as he is no longer fearful and stressed. The neutral, attractive appearance of the stairs is an additional benefit to a great idea."

Stephen W. Crane, DVM Diplomate - American College of Veterinary Surgeons Executive Director, Western Veterinary Conference

Many leading veterinarians recommend Puppy Stairs for the following reasons:

  • Even the healthiest pet is susceptible to joint or spinal injuries due to jumping, so our products are perfect as dog ramps for the bed, sofa or cars.
  • Many breeds with long spines, short legs, sensitive bones or joints, or overweight bodies are at substantially higher risk.
  • Puppy Stairs spongy foam dog step and ramp systems reduce the risk of injury by absorbing much of the impact shock on limbs and reducing your pet's need to jump up or down from sofas, beds, and higher furniture.
  • People with aging felines find comfort in using our products as cat ramps, too.

"I like the Puppy Stairs cubes and ramps because they can be used both as assistive devices and for therapeutic exercise. The materials are lightweight but strong."

Janet Steiss, DVM, PhD, PTAssociate Professor - Department of Biomedical SciencesCollege of Vet. Med., Nursing & Allied Health, Tuskegee University

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