Why buy from Puppy Stairs?

Dec 16th 2017

If you're looking for durable, high-quality foam dog steps and ramps, consider the many reasons to choose the Original Puppy Stairs.

On the surface, all foam dog steps and ramps may seem the same. But when you look closer, you'll understand why pet owners consider Puppy Stairs the best dog ramp and step products available.

You'll find that our attractive, lightweight dog ramp and step styles are very easy to use and maintain. Our product line, which holds a U.S. patent for its sturdy foam design, is veterinarian-recommended for protecting dog and cat joints from injury. Year after year, customers tell us how happy they are that the foam remains firm and our covers hold up well after repeated washings.

We invite you to compare foam dogs steps and ramps before you buy:

Puppy Stairs® Original Foam Dog Steps and Ramps Other Foam Dog Steps and Ramps

Foam Density

  • 1.5 lbs. per cubic foot Industrial-Grade high-density, extra-firm foam
  • 50% more density than other products, yet lightweight and easy to move
  • Built to last the life of your pet; at least double the life cycle of other products
  • 1 lb. per cubic foot commercial grade packaging foam
  • Not "high-density" as claimed, is flimsy/ lightweight or heavy/awkward to move
  • Limited life cycle; lasts only until the foam crushes

Weight Rated

  • Firmly supports all size pets, ideal as a large dog ramp
  • Veterinarian recommended to protect pet joints
  • Sinks when weight is applied, especially by large dogs
  • Most do not have veterinarian recommendations

Cover Fabrics

  • Fabric/color options coordinate with decor
  • All covers are removable, machine-washable
  • Extra covers available
  • Many offer one cover style only
  • Most are not removable, machine-washable
  • Many do not offer extra covers

Configuration Options

  • Several options combining ramps and steps
  • Choose the best configuration for your needs
  • Most other products are offered in "fixed" configurations
  • Limited or no flexibility for ramp-step combinations

U.S. Patent

  • U.S. Patent for the Original Foam Dog Steps
  • No patent; many cheap imitators

Made in USA

  • All Puppy Stairs pet steps and ramps are made in America
  • Many are made in China; only some are made in the USA


  • Complete money-back guarantee within 30 days of purchase.
  • No guarantee found in most cases

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