Why Dogs Stare At Their Owners

Why Dogs Stare At Their Owners

Dec 15th 2017

It is pure devotion, you might think, but it is also anticipation of a tasty tidbit, or something else you have that he finds desirable. Sometimes your loyal friend is asking you to "come out and play", or to go for a jog or a car ride, all the things he loves to do with you on a regular basis. Going to the "dog park" is a special favorite, or taking that path along the lake that you both find so appealing during the week.

Our dogs may stare just to get our attention for any number of reasons, even to hear a word of praise, receive a pat on the head or get a bit of scratching behind the ears. They may even be reading our facial expressions. When training your dog you want him to gaze deeply into your eyes for his cues and direction. This is an excellent way to maintain his focus and attention.

This intense staring activity should only be engaged in with dogs and their owners who have already established a strong bond based upon mutual trust and harmony. This would not apply in the world at-large with a dog you have just met on the street, since by their natures dogs interpret this as a direct challenge, where aggression or behavioral issues might be called into play.

My Poodle, Monet, will often stare intently at me while I am reading on the sofa. He uses his extended pet ramp to join me there, since he has been trained not to jump. His veterinarian recommended using dog ramps in the living room and bedroom, which have proven to be of major benefit to his joints. In the bedroom he uses his large ramp to wait for me on the bed; he always seems to be aware that the hour is late and he needs his beauty sleep and thinks I do, as well.

In the living room he has commenced his staring and I try to quiet my mind to pick up the message he is sending. Often there is that moment of insight, as I ask him if he wants to get his leash. Voila!